November 2013

Beautiful Chicago! A lively city full of art, entertainment, deep-dish pizzas, and WIND. We spent a long-weekend here to celebrate Cameron’s birthday. My birthday present to him – tickets to see DA BEARS play against the Ravens at Solider’s Field. For those confused, we went to see an NFL game. I must admit, whether or not you love football, seeing an NFL game live is such a thrill and I highly recommend it! Just make sure to set your clocks to the correct time if the city is in a different time zone so you don’t miss the tailgate party (yep.. guilty!).

Funny story.. the Chicago Bears game we attended was the same day that mother nature decided to create a “historic tornado outbreak” in Illinois and Michigan. I swear, google it. At one point, the billboard warned the audience of severe weather approaching and what not; about 20 minutes later, the game was postponed and the billboards read “Please clear the stadium and relocate to the nearest covered concourse. Please remain calm [..]”. Of course we were sitting in the nosebleeds and were surrounded by intoxicated people yelling “Where’s the beer!?” instead of finding shelter. I’ve never experienced a storm like that in my life. I was sure I was going to be picked up by the wind, fly away and die!

Although our main reason to visit Chicago was for football, we purchased a “city pass” which I recommend to those spending a couple days there. It allows you to visit various attractions, museums, shows, and also gives you discounts at local restaurants. We had the opportunity to visit the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium.

I highly recommend the Field Museum, the Navy Pier, Millenium Park, an NFL football game, and the “Magnificent Mile” for shopping and restaurants. As for accommodation, we stayed at the “Hotel Allegro” and enjoyed our stay. Comfortable rooms at an affordable rate and prime location!

I will definitely be returning to this beautiful city as we did not have enough time to see everything!

If you have any questions about Chicago don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂


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